• 07 Jun 2022
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Welcome to ancoreShare Server

Manage all your Qlik insights from one point.

Simple. Scalable. Smart.

ancoreShare lets you generate custom reports within your Qlik environment. 
Quick to create, easy to share, and fully customizable 
to reflect your brand’s unique style.

Full documentation set coming soon!
Meanwhile, you can get started with installation and licensing and all you need to know about the Designer to start creating reports now!

Enterprise-Ready Static Reporting For Qlik

ancoreShare enables you to share complex information and insights with a large group of people. It helps you easily manage all your Qlik insights from one point. Whether it’s analyzing the data to gain new business insights or creating reports for executive management, this software is a powerful tool that will make your life easier.

Get the most out of your Qlik data with an enterprise-ready, static reporting system that can be deployed in minutes.

  • Easy roll-out
  • Simple in use
  • Enterprise-ready



Security standards and enterprise requirements are field-tested, continuously audited, and proven in technical due diligence investigations by industries like big pharma, telecommunication, transport, and production. 

Unlimited scalability enables ongoing growth and expansion, wherever needed.


  • Simple Set-Up
  • Multi-Node Concept for True Parallel Tasks Processing
  • Integrated Designer
  • Collaborate from Everywhere
  • Automated Jobs
  • On Demand Reports
  • Recipient Storage 
  • Powerful Features
  • Highly Scalable
  • Central Design & Management







pixel-perfect, high-resolution reports with data from Qlik Sense and QlikView, in a web-based Graphical Designer

from everywhere, and share exports, with scheduled Jobs and alerting functionality, or on-demand

in many different formats, to many different stores and destinations, for unlimited users and recipients.


  • Scheduled Jobs and alerting functionality
  • External link access for on-demand reports
  • Recipient groups and stores
  • FTP, Dropbox, and Network share
  • Exports via Email with embedded PNG images
  • Template support for Excel and PowerPoint
  • And many more ...


  • Integrated and modern graphical designer
  • Web-based WYSIWIG, simple drag & drop
  • Real-time collaborative design process so teams can deliver better reports, faster
  • Pixel-perfect and high resolution 
  • Multipage report designs with page cycle
  • Flexible formatting of multipage tables and pivot tables, repeating headers, and conditional formatting down to each cell
  • Free table positioning
  • Microsoft Office or additional installation NOT required for report design process or export generation
  • Qlik Expression support 
  • Import/export designs between instances
  • And many more ...


  • Seamless Qlik App security integration (e.g. section access)
  • Installation on the same machine as Qlik Server is optional (only needs HTTPS connection to Qlik, no internet or specific location required)
  • Multiple instances on one machine are possible 
  • 100% centralized, web-based user interface (no desktop app)
  • Users and designers can work from anywhere (only needs HTTPS connection to ancoreShare Server, no access to internal network zone necessary at any time)
  • Embedded MongoDB like database (no additional database installation or management necessary)
  • Integrated high performant OWIN webserver 
  • No internet connection required 
  • No additional local client software installation required (no Microsoft Office installation on server or client machine required)
  • Integrated multi-user and authorization management 
  • Seamless Active Directory integration (no import necessary)
  • Qlik users assigned to sources (ancoreShare Server users or recipients do not need Qlik users)
  • And many more ...


Looking for NPQ-Reports?
The NP family of products are now part of ancoreSoft and got new names - but don’t worry, nothing got thrown overboard! After a management buyout, we have a new captain, and the hull’s been given a new coat of paint – but it’s still the same sturdy ship and capable crew. All the features you knew and trusted are still there, in addition to some great new features and ideas. So you can count on continuity and look forward to things getting even better with ancoreSoft.


Now, are you ready?
Then let's Get Started!

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