Installation and Updates
  • 20 Sep 2023
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Installation and Updates

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Installing the ancoreShare Extension and ancoreScript is quick and simple, following standard Qlik extension procedures.
If you operate with an ancoreShare Extension or ancoreScript version that requires manual updating, you can follow the steps described in the articles too to update your installation. You can also have a look at Qlik's general guide on Qlik Sense extensions here.

The following articles apply to all ancoreSoft extensions for Qlik Sense environments:

First, download your personal ancoreSoft License extension, as well as the latest version of ancoreShare Extension and ancoreScript:

  • As ancoreSoft Data Captain (customer), you or your consulting partner will be notified whenever a new version is available, including all necessary download links.
  • If you're still evaluating, please click here to apply for a trial license.

The ancoreSoft License Extension is a personalized zip file containing your individual ancoreSoft Account Number. This is a separate extension you need to install just once and hereafter every license for all your ancoreSoft extensions will be managed automatically within that Qlik environment. It will look something like this:

Once you have downloaded the installation files (zipped extension folders), please perform the steps explained in the respective article.

Choose Your Environment:


You can quickly apply for an ancoreShare Extension License from the Qlik Sense interface. Alternatively, contact us to get your license, today!

Starting from version 1.2.63 ancoreShare Extension comes with the add-on extension ancoreScript, which is currently still a free add-on and therefore has no separate license. Instead, is automatically licensed with ancoreShare Extension. If you are a licensed user of ancoreShare Extension, you can use ancoreScript for free! Check it out :)

New Licensing
With August 2023 a new licensing system has been integrated, affecting ancoreShare Extension versions 1.3.10 or ancoreScript 1.3.10 and higher. Should you still operate on an older version, please refer to the License (Legacy) article.
License types - server or site vs. named users

ancoreSoft offers two types of licensing, either based on a Qlik environment like a server or a site, or based on named users. The classic license type offers unlimited users within a Qlik environment, such as a Qlik Sense server or a site. The user based license type is an option for use cases with smaller scopes, where named users can be assigned either via a Space in Qlik Cloud or a Content library file in Sense Enterprise. Learn more about how to assign named users in the respective sections below.


You can find all pricing options on our website: Go to ancoreShare Extension pricing

What happens without a license? 

Without a license ancoreShare lets you still use all the features for as long as you like. However, the output report will contain a big X across all pages as a watermark and table objects will always be processed as images, not as true-table objects in full length.

ancoreScript is automatically included in your ancoreShare Extension license. Without an ancoreShare Extension license, a 10-second timer will start before each execution of your ancoreScript events.

To generate custom reports without a watermark and in full quality & execute your events instantly, get a license today!

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